Online streams – Make100$ daily while studying in Kenya

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Online streams – Make100$ daily while studying in Kenya

Online Streams – What You Need To Know

If you are a student and don’t have much time to work there is something for you as well. Students in Kenya can earn money while watching online streams as well. You can make up to 100$ while watching these videos on daily basis. We are going to discuss the best platforms of online streams which are giving you the options to earn money.

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Watch YouTube videos

Now you can earn money by watching YouTube videos as well. You can visit and earn money by watching videos. If you have a bit more time to leave comments, shares and subscribe the video, you can earn some extra cash. Well, if you refer your friends then you can get even more money from them.

This is a good way to earn 100$ daily while still giving time to your studies. You can get the money you earned via PayPal from them. The minimum payout from this website is 10$.

Inbox Dollars

This is another platform which gives you the option to earn money online by watching different kinds of short videos. All you need is to spare some of your time from your studies and earn handsome amount of money from them. You can also use this platform to get paid while doing surveys online, performing web research and even by playing games online.

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This is another good platform for earning money online. All you need to do is watch videos and earn money from them. They also give you some bonuses for watching the videos. You will need an android or Apple device to do this job.

All you need to do is install their app and then watch your favorite shows on the platform. These points are then redeemed in form of cash rewards which can be withdrawal at any time.

This is a bit similar to the Viggle app and gives you money for watching the videos. They have short videos on their platform and you can watch them to earn money from home while studying as well. You need to watch popular videos, watch movies and trailers, answer the pop quizzes, download and try new apps given on their platform.

On this platform you earn money in the form of points which are then later redeemed in the form of cash and gifts as well.

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HitBliss is the platform which pays you cash for watching the specific advertisements. If you personalize your ads you can earn even more money from it. Share your experience and views about the advertisements can give you even more cash.

Watch and Earn – That’s The Way To Go!

You can easily earn 100$ a day by watching sponsored advertisements and giving your views about them.
These are some of the best online streaming platforms which gives you the option of earning 100$ daily while keeping your studies on the line as well.

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Have you tried this online platforms before? If yes then do share your views and any relevant information about them. In case you think some other online streaming website is paying even better please mention them in the comment section below so that we could add them in the article and help our readers.


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