Installing Free Wifi Zones Around My Area

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Installing Free Wifi Zones Around My Area

The challenge

Providing a free internet coverage for people seems like a long shot. The challenges of implementing such a project is enormous and it can be quite an uphill task to even imagine such a project.

However, implementing the idea of having free wifi zones will not just generate revenues, but will create a constant flow of income streams.

  How To Do It

Implementing the idea of having multiple free wifi zones will require an input of infrastructural equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Wifi-routers
  • Wifi repeaters
  • Stable Internet Service Providers
  • Power backups
  • Wifi Switch
  • M5 Radio

Such equipment will be able to establish a pilot project. However, when the project starts running fully, more equipment and manpower will be essential in seeing it to it’s success.

How Revenue will be generated

Revenue will be generated through advertising. Clients will require to sign-in to the network before they are able to access the internet.

Because of this, they will be redirected to a splash page (our URL) where they will be required to sign in, take a survey and/or do an activity in the website. Visible ads will generate the entire revenue of the site. Such actions from users will generate enough pageviews to ensure a stable and sustainable RPM, CPC and CTR.


This project will generate revenues enough to cover the operational costs of daily activities, including, manpower, power bills, rent and other miscellaneous costs.


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