From Zero To Hero: Dares on a New Venture!

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From Zero To Hero: Dares on a New Venture!



Having a voice is not just a fundamental right. It’s more than just complaining. Having a voice is the basic, most important form of human civilization. It determines our actions, reactions and eventually our future. This is why has decided to venture into this new platform.

What it Takes

The basic human right to have a service delivery that is flawlessly faultless, has been a long time goal for major companies, institutions and governments. That, however, has not been an easy task. Companies and major corporations have tried to control the tides of human desires, trying to implement likes and dislikes of the common man, thus, becoming dictators posing as monopolies.

That is why the good citizens need a voice when these corporations decide to suppress the loyal consumer, needless to say, who are forced to use such products and services due to a poorly designed structure of oversight and governance for these corporations, institutions and companies.

It hasn’t been easy achieving such strides. It has taken years of fighting and loss of valuable lives to get to where we are and the people don’t plan to back down, especially now. Technology has surely sped up this process and that is why has decided to use this platform as a basis for your say.

What it Will Take is designed in a way that companies, corporations and institutions will be held accountable. The questionnaires provided are and will always be designed to ask the hard question, those that the corporations and major companies don’t want to hear. We will not just raise our voices about injustices, but take action against it.

Kasheshe will always hold it’s side of the bargain and we hope to inspire other major platforms to take up a similar cause.

Into the Future

The future of looks very bright indeed. We plan to outgrow our expectations and reach new heights, even surprising ourselves. We hope to have your full cooperation regarding this new venture so that we can make as much of a difference as possible.

Please register today and tell it as it is. Give your voice a chance and we will give your pocket a chance.


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