Money Making Secrets Uncovered – 5 Ways to Earn an Online Income in Kenya

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Money Making Secrets Uncovered – 5 Ways to Earn an Online Income in Kenya

Its Not A Secret Anymore!

Unemployment is a big issue these days. However people are still coming up with new ideas every day to ensure that we beat this crisis in the making.

There are many ways which can be used to start making an online income in Kenya. We are going to discuss 5 ways to earn an online income in Kenya and around the world.

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Article writing

This field is for those people who are really good in writing. You can write content for people online and earn handsome amount of money from it.

The content written is a bit different from that of a newspaper article and that of a book. You are given a specific keyword and then after some research you need to write a short article on it.

The average pay of a writer for a 500 word article is between 2$ to 8$ which means you can earn quite some cash is you devote yourself to doing several articles in a day. However, you need to keep in the mind all the instructions given by the client.

Sites like and are the most prominent in hiring people in this industry. Indeed it is a good way to make an online income in Kenya.

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Academic writing

Well, if you are good with your subjects, then you can do academic writings as well. This will include essays, assignments and different discussion on the academic topics.

This type of writing pays more than article writing because these are topic based and need more reading and research than article writing. However, the problem in academic writing is that they are seasonal and during student vacations you won’t find much work.

You can earn from 2.5$ per page up to 20$ per page depending on your experience.

These are some of the best sites offering work in Kenya for academic writing;


These websites earn an online income in Kenya.

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This is the best way to earn a living online in Kenya. All you need to do is make a blog and then monetize it. Many publishers online offer you monetization options and you can earn a handsome amount of money from them. You need to make a blog on some specific topic which is popular and when it gets a good amount of readers monetize it and earn money.

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Transcription of videos

In this you need to transcribe videos into written format. If you are a good listener and can type as fast as you can listen then this is the best job for you. You will need to watch the video and transcribe it into words. If you are a good transcriber then they will earn an upwards of 24$ an hour.

Some of the best websites for this job include;


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Forex trading

If you are skilled and disciplined, you can also do forex trading. You can do training on some online platforms for a start. Most trading platforms offer you a training account with some money in it so that you can get an idea about the trading.

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You need to watch out. There are many scam websites posing as trading platforms. However, an investment in any business has some risks so keep that in mind. You can earn from 20$ to 200$ a day from forex trading.

How You Get Paid!

You can get paid from the above mentioned platforms via PayPal, Payoneer, bank wire and Skrill depending on the modes of payment offered. Some of these platforms give you the option of getting the amount right after the work and some have some limitations and minimum withdrawal limits.

These platforms are simply the best when it comes to earning an online income in Kenya.

Have you ever tried any of these platforms before? If yes, then please do mention your experience with these platforms in the comment section below.


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