5 Ways to Earn 10$ Daily Through Online Work in Kenya

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5 Ways to Earn 10$ Daily Through Online Work in Kenya

Online Work – 5 Ways To Make a Living!

People these days are worried about their jobs and sometimes feel very insecure. They are also looking to earn some extra money by working part time at their home. Some students are also looking to get some extra pocket money by working few hours a day online. We are going to discuss 5 ways to make 10$ daily through online work in Kenya.

Working online has been the trend for quite some time. Here are some ways to start earning immediately:

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1.Online surveys

This one is the easiest ways to make 10$ a day from your home in Kenya. This is very simple all you need is a PC or laptop and internet connection. Sign up for the website and start doing online surveys.

Most of the companies are paying between 2$ to 8$ for a single survey so by doing a maximum of 5 surveys you can easily earn 10$ in a day. This job is best for students who have very little time and need money.

You can have your payment via PayPal from these online platforms.

2.Become a YouTuber

YouTube is the most watched video platform in the world right now. You can make a channel of your own on YouTube and earn money from there. All you need is to post videos on your channel regularly and try to get more views on them.

This is very simple most of the people are just sharing their daily life videos and earning more than 10$ a day from YouTube.

You can get your payment directly into your bank account from YouTube.

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3.Freelancing jobs

These are also very attractive platforms for earning money online. All you need to do is make a profile on these platforms and explain all the expertise you have. A better profile brings you more work on these platforms.

Skills like web developer, writers, graphic designers and data entry jobs are very lucrative on these platforms.

You can easily earn more than 10$ from these platforms by just working for 2 to 3 hours a day from your home.

4.Academic writing

This job is for those who are good in their studies. You need to complete assignments of other students and in return they will pay you.
Different types of assignments are part of this job which includes essay writing, discussions, questions and answers, etc.

You need some solid research to complete these assignments. You can get these assignments from Fiverr and Upwork.

These assignments will pay you more than 10$ if you work for an hour or 2 daily.

5.Data Entry jobs

The competition in this field is very high. You need to be very fast in typing. You are given different data which needs to be entered into specific files. These jobs are sometime very hectic but give you a good amount of money in return.

You can easily earn more than 10$ from data entry jobs daily.

To Earn 10$ Daily Start Now!

These are just some of the jobs where you can earn more than 10$ in Kenya. The internet these days is full of opportunities. So, if you are still unemployed explore it and find the job which suits you best and earn money from home.


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