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Installing Free Wifi Zones Around My Area

My idea is to create free wifi zones around my area to enable internet users from the poorest communities in my area to have an unlimited access to the world wide web. This article explains how all this idea will generate revenue.

From Zero To Hero: Dares on a New Venture!

    Having a voice is not just a fundamental right. It’s more than just complaining. Having a voice is the basic, most important form of human civilization. It determines our actions, reactions and eventually our future. This is why has decided to venture into this new platform. What it Takes The basic human…
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Money Making Secrets Uncovered – 5 Ways to Earn an Online Income in Kenya

Its Not A Secret Anymore! Unemployment is a big issue these days. However people are still coming up with new ideas every day to ensure that we beat this crisis in the making. There are many ways which can be used to start making an online income in Kenya. We are going to discuss 5…
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5 Websites That Pay To Do Online Work

Websites That Pay? Can They Be Trusted? Websites that pay are taking over the world. The world has completely changed now and people are moving from offline businesses to online business. The main behind this change reason is that you can now get more money and perform tasks from the comfort of your home. There…
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Earn 1000$ easily through online work in Kenya

Earn By Sitting At Home? A big thanks to the online platforms, now you can earn by sitting in home as well. Earn up to 1000$ easily through online work in Kenya. There are many platforms which provide the opportunity but we are going to discuss some of the best platforms which are giving you…
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Online streams – Make100$ daily while studying in Kenya

Online Streams – What You Need To Know If you are a student and don’t have much time to work there is something for you as well. Students in Kenya can earn money while watching online streams as well. You can make up to 100$ while watching these videos on daily basis. We are going…
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Online ventures to finally quit your job for good

Online Jobs – Is It Really For You? The world is getting better and better with every passing day for the people who are looking to bring ease to their lives. If you are fed up with your 9 to 5 job then there are some ventures introduced by online platforms which can give you…
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5 Ways to Earn 10$ Daily Through Online Work in Kenya

Online Work – 5 Ways To Make a Living! People these days are worried about their jobs and sometimes feel very insecure. They are also looking to earn some extra money by working part time at their home. Some students are also looking to get some extra pocket money by working few hours a day…
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Need extra cash? Make 50$ easily while working from home

Online Jobs – Is it Worth Your Time? Many people are working the whole day but even then they are not satisfied with their jobs. They are looking to work part time and earn some extra cash. If you also need cash, you can make 50$ daily easily while working from home. Yes, there are…
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Earn 500$ every month while working from home in Kenya

Work from home – is it for me? Read this article to find out! How To Earn 500$ Every Month While Working From Home! The huge rise in unemployment in Kenya is indeed an issue of deep concern. People are looking for alternatives to earn money from home as there are no jobs in most…
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