5 Websites That Pay To Do Online Work

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5 Websites That Pay To Do Online Work

Websites That Pay? Can They Be Trusted?

Websites that pay are taking over the world. The world has completely changed now and people are moving from offline businesses to online business.

The main behind this change reason is that you can now get more money and perform tasks from the comfort of your home. There are many website that pay you good cash for doing online work. We are going to discuss 5 websites that pay to do online work.

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These Sites Pay!

1. Survey websites

These are easiest tasks available online. You don’t need to be a graduate or skilled in some specific field in order to do online surveys. All you need is to sign up for these websites and start doing online surveys. In return these websites are going to pay you good amount of money.
You can earn from 5$ to 20$ per survey which is done online.

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2. Freelancing websites

Freelancing platforms are giving a lot of money to both skilled and unskilled people online. You can work on these platforms with any set of skills you possess. If you are good in graphics design, web design or any other writing expertise then these platforms are best for you.

The best thing about a freelancing jobs is that you are your own boss. You can select your own working hours and then work with the freedom you deserve.

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3. Online tutoring

If you are a good student or teacher then websites that pay can help you earn a living online. You can make tutorials and post them online. You will get money for each download. This is also called online tutoring. You can stay in your comfort zone and earn money from home.

Some of the best platforms for this type of job include;

  • Tutor.com
  • Instaedu.com
  • BuddySchool.com
  • MyPrivateTeacher.com
  • Nettutor.com

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4. Sell stock images online

If you are a good photographer you can earn money by selling stock images. Capture good images and sell them online for a good amount of money. You can sell these photos to the bloggers and other people online who are looking for such photos.

Some of the best sites where you can sell your photos are;

  • Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime
  • Fotolia

You can adopt this as a full time profession and earn a good amount of money from it.

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5. Softwarejudge.com

These days our lives revolve around different kinds of softwares that we use in our phones and laptops. If you are a good writer then this can be your answer.

Write a catchy review about the software you are using. You can write the pros and cons of the software in your review and you will get paid for it.

Software judge will buy each and every review you write about the software. You can earn up to 50$ per review. This means you can make a good amount of money by just writing a review about a software you are already using.

This is Your Opportunity To Finally Quit Your Day Job!

These are 5 websites that pay you good amount of money for doing online work from the comfort of your home. All you need is to take an initiative and work on these platforms.

Have you ever tried the above mentioned sites? If yes, then do mention your experience of working on these websites in the comment section below.


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