Earn 500$ every month while working from home in Kenya

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Earn 500$ every month while working from home in Kenya

Work from home – is it for me? Read this article to find out!

How To Earn 500$ Every Month While Working From Home!

The huge rise in unemployment in Kenya is indeed an issue of deep concern. People are looking for alternatives to earn money from home as there are no jobs in most other fields of trade in Kenya. In this article you will find some of the ways in which you can earn 500$+ every month while working from home in Kenya.

These jobs require very little skill and no investment to start. All you need is an internet connection and a personal computer.

We are going to discuss the best field for earning from home that can bring in the cash in very short span of time and with no investment needed as well.

The World Of Blogging – Is it Worth Your Time?

Blogging is a very big and vast field in the online earning world. Although it requires a little bit of time to start, when it starts paying you back it is lot more than what you initially invested.

If you have good writing skills and you are familiar with the management of the blogs, this is the right job for you. This job can give you 500$+ every month. Sometimes even more while working from home in Kenya.

For this job you need to select a specific topic first or what we call in the blogging world a niche for posting content. If the niche is of your interest then you can earn more and give more time to it.

After selecting the niche, select some of the keywords or phrases which are searched often in the search engines. Make catchy and good content on those keywords with beautiful images and info graphics as well. If the blog is having good stuff for the people to read you will have really good traffic in a very short span of time.

The next step is to monetize your blog with AdSense or any other ads publisher in the world. These networks will display their ads on your website and in return pay you good amount of money. You can expect more than 500$ from your blog monthly.

The best thing about this job is you can do it from your home and select the hour which suits you best. You are your own boss in this field. Secondly no such skill is required in it except writing and a bit familiarity with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the optimization and ranking of your blog in search engines to make sure you get good traffic from the people searching about the keywords related to your niche.

Work From Home Opportunity – Blogging is The Way To Go!

Blogging is very good for long terms as with the time your blogs start getting more views which means more income. This is a suitable job for you if you are looking to earn money from home. Have you ever tried any job from home which can give you 500$ monthly? If yes then do share your experience about it so that we can share it with our readers as well.


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